Brazilian Hair Bundles Body Wave 100% Human Hair 3 Bundles

I initially purchaed with hair because i needed it delivered the next day and this was available with prime. Also, I’m on a budget so the price was definatly a plus. I think you’ll like this hair as long as you don’t expect too much. Remember the saying “you get what you pay for” But, again, this is good quality hair for the price.

The hair itself is definately human. I burned a strand so I know theres no plastic in there. The hair is really soft and shiny, and doesnt tangle too much. My big complaint is thaat i wish the ends of the virgin brazilian hair uk were fuller, they really thin out towards the ends. I ended up cutting off a good 2 inches which made a big difference. Also this hair has a definate odor to it. Even after I washed the hair I could still smell it, but that doesnt bother me too too much.

This is great hair for the price. You may want to order longer than what you want, because the ends are thin you might end up having to cut some. Maybe even order another lot if you like it long and are doing a full head. If you really cant stand the smell of cheap virgin hair (you know what im talking about if youre familiar with this type of extension) then these arent the bundles for you. But, thats not a dealbreaker for me.