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I’m going to be honest with y’all.. I received my hair quickly, it was very nice and fluffy straight out of the package, I wouldn’t wait to condition it. Also the hairline was a bit thick so i plucked it myself, (this is my first wig btw) Tonight I’ve conditioned it with Tresemmé, did not shampoo it because I was afraid of how the hair would take to it lol but it feels amazing even after being drenched and conditioned, then I put curl la la but ain’t Jackie and coconut curls by ogx, I’ll upload pics of how it looks at this moment, It looks like mermaid hair and I already know I’m gonna be feeling myself when I put it on, I’m going to Miami for 4 days so I will leave an update review to say how the hair has held up. I left out one star because the seller advertised that the middle part is longer than usual and looks more natural but my middle part is only about 3 inches long then the tracks start showing so yeah lol. Be back soon 🙂

4/15/18 Hey I’m back with an update! So i went to Miami for 4 days and this wig held up perfectly fine, I am actually still wearing it because it is so easy to manage, I woke up in the morning, sprayed it with water and applied product and laid my home made baby hairs, normal shedding, no knots, just beautiful curls that my boyfriend loved, I washed it again with tresemme shampoo and conditioner and let it air dry, no product Bc it’s just so beautiful and soft and fluffy (that’s why I love tresemme) lol I will include new pictures, if you’re thinking about getting this wig, do it. It’s my first wig and I am genuinely happy with it.