Brazilian Hair Bundles Body Wave 100% Human Hair 3 Bundles

I initially purchaed with hair because i needed it delivered the next day and this was available with prime. Also, I’m on a budget so the price was definatly a plus. I think you’ll like this hair as long as you don’t expect too much. Remember the saying “you get what you pay for” But, again, this is good quality hair for the price.

The hair itself is definately human. I burned a strand so I know theres no plastic in there. The hair is really soft and shiny, and doesnt tangle too much. My big complaint is thaat i wish the ends of the virgin brazilian hair uk were fuller, they really thin out towards the ends. I ended up cutting off a good 2 inches which made a big difference. Also this hair has a definate odor to it. Even after I washed the hair I could still smell it, but that doesnt bother me too too much.

This is great hair for the price. You may want to order longer than what you want, because the ends are thin you might end up having to cut some. Maybe even order another lot if you like it long and are doing a full head. If you really cant stand the smell of cheap virgin hair (you know what im talking about if youre familiar with this type of extension) then these arent the bundles for you. But, thats not a dealbreaker for me.


Unprocessed Virgin Brazilian Human Hair Bundles Natural Black Brazilian Human Hair Weft Body Wave Remy Human Hair Weave

So I just received my 3 bundles of Brazilian Body Wave with a closure 16, 18, 20 & a 16 inch closure. The bundles did smell very strong & almost fishy. I normally buy Indian Hair that’s unprocessed & there is no smell whatsoever. This hair seems like it may be a little processed however it was very soft, very little shedding, didn’t tangle up when I colored the bundles & closure. It looks & feels healthy.

I will be getting it installed today. It also came with s purple bag, hair pins, & 4 scrunches. Nice touch. Everything was labeled & in bags with instructions on how to maintain the hair. Very professional. My only concern is that it states that you can’t use heat over 150 c or it will destroy the hair. So we’ll see because I do plan on straightening but I’ll do a follow up review.

All in all I am pleased with the hair aside from the smell it exceeded my expectations for online hair . I will update after install to let you know the outcome. I would recommend this hair definitely.

Remy Human Hair Weaves 100% Unprocessed Hair Extensions Natural Color 8A

So LADIES. If you’re absolutely looking for some GOOD and AFFORDABLE hair I suggest and highly recommend you purchase this “Bestsojoy” hair. FIRST and FOREMOST let’s praise the hair GOD’S for this Vendor. Okay I’m like everyone else and always looking for QUALITY over QUANTITY but also looking for AFFORDABILITY.

Well I purchased my hair on a Tuesday it was delivered on a Wednesday. I immediately noticed the extra gifts in the package. Some eyelashes HEYYYY and a coloful headband as well. YASSS!!? So then I opened the hair and it was like AAAAAAAHHH yes. Silky, nice and didn’t smell bad at all. I washed the hair because that’s just what I do with anything I place on my body cleanliness is next to holiness…okay but back to the fact of the matter.

I got my hair installed and its sooooo good. It does not shed. I’ve flatironed it. The rain got it wet and it went back wavy and it’s full. I purchased a 14/16/18 and the bundles are long and full of life. I’d give this vendor 10stars if I could. I’ll definitely be purchasing more hair. And to the vendor..PLEASE keep your QUALITY consistent and you’ll have a long term client.

Brazilian Water Wave Lace Front Wig Glueless Lace Front Human Hair Wigs For Women

I’m going to be honest with y’all.. I received my hair quickly, it was very nice and fluffy straight out of the package, I wouldn’t wait to condition it. Also the hairline was a bit thick so i plucked it myself, (this is my first wig btw) Tonight I’ve conditioned it with Tresemmé, did not shampoo it because I was afraid of how the hair would take to it lol but it feels amazing even after being drenched and conditioned, then I put curl la la but ain’t Jackie and coconut curls by ogx, I’ll upload pics of how it looks at this moment, It looks like mermaid hair and I already know I’m gonna be feeling myself when I put it on, I’m going to Miami for 4 days so I will leave an update review to say how the hair has held up. I left out one star because the seller advertised that the middle part is longer than usual and looks more natural but my middle part is only about 3 inches long then the tracks start showing so yeah lol. Be back soon 🙂

4/15/18 Hey I’m back with an update! So i went to Miami for 4 days and this wig held up perfectly fine, I am actually still wearing it because it is so easy to manage, I woke up in the morning, sprayed it with water and applied product and laid my home made baby hairs, normal shedding, no knots, just beautiful curls that my boyfriend loved, I washed it again with tresemme shampoo and conditioner and let it air dry, no product Bc it’s just so beautiful and soft and fluffy (that’s why I love tresemme) lol I will include new pictures, if you’re thinking about getting this wig, do it. It’s my first wig and I am genuinely happy with it.

A Unprocessed Virgin Brazilian Straight Human Hair Weave Bundles Natural Black Color

I absolutely love this hair I’ve order almost 3 times now and I’ve referred several of my friends to this vendor. Let me just say this hair is so soft. Not to mention that It does not shed at all . This was very surprising to me. It also holds curls very well and long. I used my wand curler and my curls held for days. The hair stayed a little wavy until I straightened it. Ive purchased a 360 frontal and a free part closure both where amazing nice and full so you will have to pluck for a more natural look.

The bundles are nice and thick. I am a fan of full looks and after every install I still had extra hair left over. This hair is extremely nice for the price. I had the hair made into the wig and it’s so soft and flowy and even better when you flat iron it (350 degrees). I got a 14’ closure and 16’, 18’, 20’, 22’ bundles but didn’t need all of them at all to achieve the look I was going for as it was already full with just a little over 3 of the bundles. Over all my hair is amazing and I highly suggest this vendor .

100% Unprocessed Brazilian Body Wave Remy Human Hair Extensions

Having purchased this hair more than once in multiple textures I find it lifts very well with no breakage so if you’re looking to color don’t be weary as IT HARDLY SHEDS, and I don’t mean lightly. I’ve been wearing the unit I made for about 4 weeks now, it functions great as my easy throw on everyday piece, I washed it three times to rid it or product build-up and have lost practically no hair. I always let it air dry over night and the natural hair texture retention is unparalleled.

As I made a unit I cannot attest for constant wear with a sew-in but this hair is pretty hard to tangle and as for dryness, there is next to none.

Now with any hair, it’s never suggested to cut the weft, the only shedding I experienced with this hair was the curly Brazilian variety I got and I’m sure it was due to cutting the weft and not fully re-sealing it. Still it was minimal to none.

This hair makes a gorgeous curl, and like any hair, natural or weaved, if it’s not caked up with product the hold should be no problem. I curl it dry with a heat protectant and little gel. I also let my curls sit to better retain definition.